The Son of Man

The Son of Man

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The Son of Man: Understanding the Gospel of Luke Series Part 01 – Chapter 1-11 gives you thorough coverage of the first 11 chapters and 566 verses of Luke. Combine the audio MP3 teaching with 123 pages of printable PDF notes, you will have greater insight on how Christ is the perfect (hu) Man and how you can be, too.

The Gospel of Luke will change your life! And this series can help.

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THE SON OF MAN : Understanding the Gospel of Luke Part 01

Saying, The  Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day – Luke 9:22 (kjv)

It is the longest book of the New Testament and it uses this phrase, ‘Son of Man’, 25 times. The Gospel of Matthew teaches about the kingly Messiah who fulfills prophetic passages. The Gospel of Mark emphasises the tireless servant  of the Lord. The Gospel of John emphasises Jesus as the ‘Son of God’. So the Gospel of Luke, aimed towards the Greek and Hellenistic mindset, portrays Jesus as the perfect man, the perfect saviour, perfect Messiah… the ‘Son of Man’. Jesus was even perfect as a 12 year old speaking to the wise men at the Jerusalem temple. The Greeks respected wisdom, beauty, and strength, and this is the portrait of Jesus Luke conveys. Christ is shown to be compassionate, strong, and inspiring, a hard worker, who cares for all, including men, women, and children, Jews and Gentile.

In ‘The Son of Man: Understanding the Gospel of Luke Part 01 – Chapters 1 to 11’, you will learn about:

How we know that this gospel was written for the Greeks;

Luke’s traces the lineage of Jesus to David & why that’s important;

Some of the passages and stories that are unique to Luke;

How did Jesus fulfil Isaiah 61 in Luke 4, at the synagogue in Nazareth?;

How Luke was a masterful historian – especially his emphasis on detail?;

The 35 parables of Jesus, of which 19 are unique to Luke… and much more.