Privacy Policy

Teach All Nations Inc. Privacy Policy 

for All Subscribers Worldwide
  1. Teach All Nations Inc. takes data protection seriously and respects the rights of individuals to control how their data is used.
  2. Teach All Nations Inc. does not provide supporters’ information to any third party.
  3. Teach All Nations Inc. takes reasonable and appropriate action, in organisation and technical areas, to protect personal information. Areas of protection include against destruction, disclosure, loss, alteration, unauthorised access, or any other kind of misuse, bearing in mind the risks involved in the nature of personal data or processing it for online use.
  4. Teach All Nations Inc. only sends information to individuals who have requested to go on its information distribution list and/or are friends, acquaintances, and ministry colleagues. These have provided their contact details in order to make this possible.
  5. Individuals have the right to access the information that Teach All Nations Inc. holds at any time.
  6. Individuals can at any time request removal from the distribution list by contacting Teach All Nations Inc. or unsubscribing electronically.
  7. Individuals have the right to be forgotten and can request that their personal details be completely erased unless Teach All Nations Inc. has a legal or financial obligation to retain information.
  8. Those who have questions may contact Pastor Enoch Lavender at