Teach All Nations Inc. is pleased to offer the following radio programs: 96.3 FM (Australia)

On the Rock: The Unchanging Word for Changing Times (20 minutes)

Since 2004, this Bible-based program has taught about practical, victorious Christian living. It shows people how to survive and succeed in the days ahead by hearing and doing the words of Jesus (Matthew 7:24-25).

Currently, On the Rock is focused on the ‘Understanding the Bible Series,’ which offers verse-by-verse commentary on select books of the Bible.

The ‘mother station’ of On the Rock is Rhema 96.3 FM every weekday morning at 5:30 AM an week nights at 9:38 PM for 20 minutes. Rhema FM is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and is broadcast through out Melbourne, and worldwide via the internet.

In 2013, Kameel Majdali received the Bruce Baker Award for excellence in Christian media because of On the Rock.

If you are not in the Geelong / Melbourne area, or Australia, you can listen on

You can access some episodes of On the Rock here on our website:

BEYOND THE BOX: Current Events in the Light of God’s Word

Beyond the Box is a five minute program that focuses on today’s events from a Biblical worldview. We particularly focus on themes like ‘The Middle East’ and the on-going ‘culture war’ in the West. This program can also be found on:

96.3FM (Geelong, Victoria).

You can also access Beyond the Box here:


Australia’s national Christian broadcaster offers two programs for you:

On the Rock: The Unchanging Word for Changing Times (5 minute version)

Description above. To listen, log onto:


Faith & the Future with Neil Johnson

Faith and the Future

Hosted by Vision Radio Network Host Neil Johnson, ‘Faith & the Future’ is a 4 minute interview with TAN Director Kameel Majdali about issues pertaining to current events and what will happen on the future. It is broadcast across the Vision Radio Network Australia-wide.

To listen on-demand, log onto:


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